From the moment people arrive in Rotorua they know they're somewhere quite special. Known as New Zealand's volcanic, geothermal and cultural capital, Rotorua is one of the original tourist destinations in New Zealand.

Rotorua is the heartland of New Zealand Maori culture, and visitors have the opportunity to experience the warm spirit of Te Maori.

The scent of sulphur in the air is a characteristic of Rotorua. At nearby geothermal hotspots, there are spouting geysers, boiling mud pools and warm geothermal springs. Silica terraces are naturally decorated with a kaleidoscope of colours. Rotorua is in the heart of New Zealand and is an 'untapped' jewel full of potential and just waiting to be discovered.

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Rotorua enjoys a pleasant climate with plenty of sunshine over the summer months and crisp, clear days in winter. Rotorua averages more than 2000 sunshine hours and just over 140cm of rain annually.   

Summer (Dec – Feb): Daytime 22 – 26ºC
Autumn (Mar – May): Daytime 15 – 26ºC
Winter (Jun – Aug): Daytime 10 – 16ºC
Spring (Sep – Nov): Daytime 13 – 21ºC